Part Time Fire and Rescue position

Name: Rochester Volunteer Fire Company

Department: Fire and Rescue

Position: Part-time fire and rescue

Pay Grade: Based upon experience

Date: Immediate.

Reports To: Chief and Rescue Captain

Phone: 262 534-3444



This position has been created to assist in responding to calls Monday thru Friday during the day when insufficient Fire and Rescue volunteers are available to respond to calls. The part-time Fire and Rescue position is responsible for responding to daily Fire and Rescue calls Monday thru Friday in addition to daily duties of Fire and Rescue division of the Rochester Volunteer Fire Company. This position will report during the shift time required to the Rochester Volunteer Fire Company building located at 31020 Academy Road.


The following duties are normal for this position and are not to be construed as exclusive or all inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned.

  • Respond to daily fire and rescue calls
  • Conduct daily inventory of both rescue squads and assure  all fire equipment is in working order and ready to respond to calls
  • Assist with maintenance, organization, and upkeep of the fire department
  • Assist the command staff with administrative paperwork as assigned by the Fire Chief/Rescue Captain
  • Attend limited fire department drills and training sessions


  • Other similar tasks as assigned from time to time by the Fire Chief or Rescue Captain.

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Mike Vos
Author: Mike Vos