About the Explorer Program

The explorer program is for ages 14-18. With parental consent, these kids are allowed to participate in department meetings, trainings, emergency calls, and events to get a feel of the fire service to see if it is something they wish to continue being a part of when older. Explorers are allowed to leave the program at any time after joining if they feel this is not for them.

Explorer Cans:

  • Run limited fire and EMS calls (dependent on call type)
  • Help carry equipment
  • Record patient information
  • Attend trainings and department events
  • Put through classes sponsored by the department (if approved, age 17+)

Explorer Can Not:

  • Actively treat/touch patients
  • Go on MABAS calls
  • Actively participate in firefighting
  • Drive apparatus
  • Limited participation in training activities
  • Respond to calls past 21:00 Sunday-Thursday
  • Respond to calls past 22:00 Friday-Saturday